What to Do If Your Computer Won't Boot up

Nobody realises just how much they rely on their personal computer until it fails to start. When this happens many people start to panic, especially as they realise that they haven't backed up their valuable data in some time. If you're in the position where your trusty computer will not spring into life at this moment, what could be wrong?

Process of Elimination

A computer failure can be traced down to the operating system, internal hardware, bad connections or simply an issue with power supply.


In older computers, electrical connections can often play up due to the conditions within which the PC operates. Dust, humidity and overheating can cause connections between the motherboard, the video card and the memory modules to play up and they will need to be re-seated. While this is relatively simple, it's not something that the layman can easily achieve.


However, if the machine is completely dead it could also be due to a power supply failure, which on a desktop computer means that this particular component must be swapped out. On a laptop, it could be down to the battery itself, which is a replaceable item. In some situations, the socket that connects the charger could be broken, especially if somebody has tripped over the cable recently.

Operating System

Assuming that you can see some life but it's simply not booting up properly, then it could be due to the failure of the operating system. This relies on software to work perfectly and folders and files to be in the correct place. It's possible that one of these files has been corrupted, especially if it has been infected with some kind of bug. An expert will likely be able to fix this for you and hopefully without having to reinstall the operating system, which is the best-case scenario.


The other option will involve replacing an element of hardware. Sometimes, this may be a video card, but it could also be more significant such as a dead motherboard, or a faulty hard drive. In the latter case, you may be able to hear strange noises as the computer tries to access the broken hard drive, while the motherboard is usually the final suspect when all other potential issues have been eliminated.

Expert Help Advised

It goes without saying that these devices are complicated and it's best to take your problem machine into an expert, so you can retrieve all your precious files.

For more information, contact a local computer repairs expert.

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